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10 Psychologist 19. 14 Base Pay Source: Salary. com CNN Money April 2006. Click here for the full list of the Top 50 Best Jobs. More Jobs: Stats on 166 Titles. About the Top 10 Jobs. 1. Software Engineer. Why its great Software engineers are needed in virtually every part of the economy, making this one of the fastestgrowing job titles in the U. S.Aug 15, 2018  Glassdoor. com, one of the leading job and recruiting websites in the world, recently published a report on the highestpaying jobs of 2018. The research analyzed 2018 salary highest paying salary jobs in america

US News ranks the 100 best jobs in America by scoring 7 factors like salary, work life balance, long term growth and stress level.

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Methodology: For a job title to be considered for Glassdoors 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America report, job titles must receive at least 100 salary reports shared by U. S. based employees over the past year (7117 ).

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America. To ensure the most reliable median base salary for all job titles, Glassdoor also applies a proprietary statistical algorithm to estimate annual median base pay, which controls for factors such as location and seniority. The number of job openings per job title represents active job listings on Glassdoor as

Dentists Highest Paying Job In The USA. Healthy teeth and a bright smile will make you feel years younger. Find out what it takes to be a dentist in the USA and why it is one of the highest paying career in America with an average salary of 149, 540 per year.

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If you are searching for high paying jobs in America in 2019, then luckily we have compiled a list of highest paying occupations in the United States for you. Read the following high paying jobs in the US with respect to salaries and responsibilities.

The 25 best highpaying jobs in America for 2018. Rachel Gillett. Dec. 11, 2018, 10: 12 AM But a high salary doesn't hurt, either. many of America's top jobs come with sixfigure salaries.

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Top 10 Best Highest Paying Jobs in America, United States, USA 2017 2018. The average annual salary is between 195, 000 and 226, 000. A hospitalist will be a general physician who is caring for hospitalized patients. But, they do not have the private practice or work out of a particular clinic.

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