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Construction ( ) America was launched on 31 August 1939 and was sponsored by Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of thenPresident of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt. America entered service as the flagship of the United States Lines on 10 August 1940, when she commenced her maiden voyage.Wreck of USS America (CV66) The America went on to serve out of Norfolk and was present for nearly every major international conflict since the 1960s, with deployments including the 6day war, 3 Vietnam deployments, Libya and operations in the Desert Shield& Desert Storm in the 1st Gulf War. uss america wreck site

The Magnificent Wreck of SS American Star (Photos) SS America first set sail in 1940 with the United States Line, serving as a troop transport during World War Two under the temporary label USS West PointAP23. (Discover more and chart the elegant vessels demise via

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PENNSYLVANIA BATTLESHIP, wreck, wreck database. USS Pennsylvania, 'too hot to handle is scuttled off Kwajalein, February 10, 1948. copyrights: Unknown. After killing a mutinous sailor at Tobago he added 'Jones' to his name and began a new life in America. He volunteered early in the War of Independence to serve in his

Shipwreck of S. S. Central America Yields More Gold. All Images Courtesy of Recovery Limited Partnership Pine and oak specimens placed on the seabed in 1990 and 1991, during the last known dives to the shipwreck site, are being retrieved so that scientists can study the shipworms consuming and destroying the ships timbers.

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These tests were intended to provide valuable data on survivability for the next generation of aircraft carriers. According to the December 4, 2006 issue of Navy Times, exAmerica was in one piece and sitting on its keel, some 476 miles east of C harleston, SC, and about 400 miles west of Bermuda, and 16, 860 feet (5, 139 meters) below the surface.

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