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2020-02-18 18:30

Bank of America Affirms AntiGun Stance, andRead This. Therefore, I find it exceedingly cringeworthy when those on the Left look at a good guy and a bad guy shooting at each other, and their takeaway isnt the following mathematical common sense: good guy with a gun bad guy with a gun [sum, then [sum gun guyApr 10, 2018 Bank of America is now antigun. I left Citibank because of their antifreedom antics to Wells Fargo as they have long ties with the NRA and gun manufacturers. I'm hoping WF doesn't fold under the pressure. anti gun bank of america

May 07, 2018 Fomenting division and wasting resources. The semiautomatic rifle designs Bank of America is specifically referring to have been made for and sold to civilians for more than a half century. Colt began selling the semiautomatic AR15 to civilians in 1963, the same year it started selling the M16 to the U. S. military.

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Bank of America affirms antigun stance. Politicians from the largest city in the Canadian gun control stronghold of Quebec plan to put their weight behind a raft of severe gun restrictions next week. According to a report from Radio Canada International, the Montreal City

McMillan Group International, a business that manufactures firearms, is trying to get the word out over a recent dispute with Bank of America. The company is claiming that Bank of America told them that their business would no longer be welcome after finding out they now manufactures firearms. The McMillan Group,

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Claim: Bank of America has declined to continue doing business with industries involved in gun sales.

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