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Amazigh Cultural Association in America. Home Current Posts JoinRejoin ACAA Donate Amazigh Voice Algeria is examined by the United Nations Committee for Economic Social and Cultural Rights. One of the main contradictions is concerned with the way the State dealt with the Amazigh issue and the Amazigh speaking populations.Most Algerians speak Arabic, Berber, French, and, in the U. S. , English. Algerian Americans have often settled in urban areas such as New York City, Miami, Washington and Los Angeles. The 1990 US Census lists New York City as the port of entry for 2, 038 Algerians, followed by Washington with 357 Algerians, and Los Angeles with for 309. united amazigh algeria in america

Algeria's Amazigh community is also unlikely find help from the West. Lounes and Nait Sid said international human rights observers from the United Nations and European Union have failed to effectively pressure the North African Arabled administration to respect Amazigh rights.

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THE BERBER Amazigh in Algeria, Amazigh in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla THE BERBER The Berber or Amazigh people live in northern Africa throughout the Mediterranian coast, the Sahara and Sahel. Before the arrival of Arabs, this was a Berber world. The Amazigh territory, this broad homeland, is also referred as Tamazgha.

Diasporic Amazigh organizations in Europe and North America have various goals, such as to revive Amazigh culture and advocate for Amazigh political rights in Tamazgha. The struggle for Amazigh rights and to be recognized on our own land will continue until, as our name implies, we

The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA), Inc. This is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of New Jersey. It is organized and operated exclusively for cultural, educational, and scientific purposes to contribute to saving, promoting, and enriching the Amazigh (Berber) language and culture.

The Kabyle Berbers, AQIM and the search for peace in Algeria who constitute 10 percent of Algeria's population and approximately twothirds of Algerians who selfidentify as Amazigh, or

The United Amazigh Algerian, a nonreligious association based in the San Francisco bay area, also have like goal boost the Berber culture in North America and beyond. Notable people. Elias Zerhouni, an Algerianborn radiologist and medical researcher. Zaida BenYusuf, an Englishborn AlgerianAmerican portrait photographer.

Algeria's Berbers cautiously optimistic about reforms. The issue of what language best expresses the identity of modern Algeria is decades old.

Amazigh In America Before Columbus is the story of a mysterious southern Illinois treasure cave and its proof of the presence of Africans in North America long before Columbus. King Yuba ll By Frank Joseph, In 1982 Russell E. Burrows, a treasure hunter in southern Illinois, stumbled on a cache of ancient weapons, jewels, and gold sarcophagi in a remote cave.

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The Berber Question in Algeria The Berber Question in the Maghreb In July 1994, a delegation of Berbers from Morocco presented testimony on their own behalf at the annual meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, in Geneva.

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