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Introduction to the future Map of the World. Once the shift has occurred a new North Pole would be established at approximately 110 degrees East longitude and 45 degrees North Latitude in the area of the present day position of Mongolia. Human Factors North America. CANADAThis entry was posted in About the PoleShift, General and tagged crustal shift future map, future map, future map of north america, nibiru, nibiru future map, nibiru north america, nibiru pole shift future map, planet x, planet x future map, poleshift future map, poleshift future map. future of north america map

North America map with States and Provinces Indicated. AFONA Textbox on the right, with Ice Texture in the background. Hand drawed USA map (Lakes ignored so dont judge on that) 100 million years into the future. Made by IamCeeKae. This is a map of the balkans made by me! (Europe Mapping) Blank Balkan Map By Srpska Mapping.

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Mar 23, 2011 Futurist Gordon Michael Scallion's visions of what North America will look like in the future.

Debunked: Leaked US Navy Map, New Madrid, Submerged US. Discussion in 'General Discussion' started and not some plan for an Earthquake in the future. The map is being shown around on Facebook, and various blogs, like this one by Zen Gardener Big continental shields like north America are giant insulators that eventually have to break

future map of north america Now, get GordonMichael Scallion's latest updated future map the Future Map of North America. This new map shows Mr. Scallion's latest updates for North America through 2012 including:

Future Map of North America Gordon Michael Scallions Posted on June 10, 2013 December 28, 2014 Author admin Futurist Gordon Michael Scallions visions of what North America will look like in the future.

The first map that was made available is the I Am America map by Lori Toye. It was first printed and released in May 1989. It was first printed and released in May 1989. In August 1993, GordonMichael Scallion introduced his Future Map of the United States.

Jun 10, 2017 Forbes 400 America's Richest SelfMade Women China's Richest India's Richest Future map of North America by GordonMichael Scallion. Matrix Institute. North America. Canada.

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