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Earthflight (2011) TV Show Earthflight is a documentary series which attempts to give a bird'seye view of some of the world's greatest natural spectacles that happen. A nature documentary about a bird'seye view of the natural world, joining the journeys of snow geese, cranes, albatrosses, eagles and other birds across six continents.All episodes of Earthflight. North America. 1 6 This episode takes flight across North America, as snow geese fall prey to bald eagles. earthflight north america narrator

Dec 29, 2011 Narrator 2 episodes, 2011 cranes, albatrosses, eagles and other birds across six continents. Beginning in North America, snow geese face their biggest predator, pelicans glide under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, bald eagles in Alaska swoop among brown bears, and on the Great Plains, cowbirds dive under the feet of fighting bison

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Oct 13, 2013 In deze 1e aflevering van Earthflight vliegen we mee met een zwerm sneeuwganzen over NoordAmerika en ervaren we hoe zij worden opgejaagd door de Amerikaanse zeearend. Zweef samen met de pelikanen

Earthflight. Earthflight is a British nature documentary that shows a flight from the view of the wings of birds across six continents, showing some of the world's greatest natural spectacles from a bird'seye view. The BBC series was created by John Downer and narrated by David Tennant and consisted of six 60minute episodes.

In EARTHFLIGHT: North Americathe first episode of the sixpartseriessnow geese, pelicans, and bald eagles fly over the Great Plains, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, New York City and the Golden

Dec 29, 2011 The bird's eye camera mainly shows North American species migrating, like geese from Mexico to Canada, whose routes are the basis for the program's itinerary.

Earthflight uses many different filming techniques to create the experience of flying with birds as they encounter some of the greatest natural events on the planet.

Earthflight is a 45 minute documentary starring and David Tennant as Narrator. The series premiered on Thu Dec 29, 2011 on BBC One and Flying High (S01E06) last aired on Sun Jan 29, 2012. 1 North America

Earthflight North America 720p 18. Earthflight North America 720p 18 DOWNLOAD 4bbbd: Earthflight, , John Downer, David Tennant

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