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From about 1000 BC great burial mounds begin to be constructed around tomb chambers of log or wood. The earliest burial mounds in north America are those of the Adena culture of the Ohio valley, closely followed by nearby Hopewell tribes. The period of greatest activity is from the 1st centuryMachu Pichu in Peru. Social Sciences. The continents of North and South America were 'discovered' by the European civilizations in the late 15th century AD, but people from Asia arrived in the Americas at least 15, 000 years ago. By the 15th century, many American civilizations had come and gone long before: but many were still vast and thriving. 15th century america

This is a timeline of the 15th century in North American prehistory The time between 1200 and European contact is also known as the PostClassic stage of PreColumbian North America. Aztec calendar stone, carved in 1479. 1479: Aztec Sun Stone, a monolithic calendar stone, almost 12 feet in diameter, is carved.

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The first evidence showing indigenous people to inhabit North America indicates that they migrated there from Siberia over 11, 000 years ago. Generally, the Native Americans lived in peace and prosper until around the 15th century when Europeans first arrived on the shores of North America. At that time, horses were brought over,

The sections below consider broad trends in Native American history from the late 15th century to the late 20th century. Morerecent events are considered in the final part of this article, Developments in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Oct 08, 2009 15th Century America Housing: Tepees, adobe huts, or caves, and it was the same for all whether rich or poor. Food& Drink: Things like water, buffalo, elk, any edible plants like stinging nettle and wild carrots, and corn.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Gergio Deluci, Christopher Columbus Arrives in America in 1492, 1893 painting. The 15th century was the century which spans the Julian years 1401 to 1500. In Europe, the 15th century is seen as the bridge between the Late Middle Ages, the Early Renaissance, and the Early modern period.

At the beginning of the fifteenth century, many native peoples populate North America. They speak countless languages and follow diverse patterns that are adapted to, and vary with, their environments.

Early in the 16th century, the majority of European sailors visiting the Americas would have been Spanish; more French and English began sailing across the Atlantic later in the century.

What was the history of America before the 15th century (before Columbus's arrival)? Were there any rulers? particularly that of before 15th century, not usually include the South n North Americas? Anonymous. Answered Feb 18, 2015 I assume by America you mean both North and South America.

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By the late 15th century, the Caribs had expanded into the smaller islands of the eastern Caribbean from the mainland, displacing or intermingling with the Tanos. Oviedo came to America in 1514, where for over thirty years he compiled detailed ethnographic descriptions of the goods, products, peoples and customs of the Caribbean and Central America.

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