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The American lion (Panthera leo atrox Panthera atrox)The largest lions in history American lions ruled in North and South America, and thus became the hallmark of the Pleistocene landscape.Panthera (Leo) Atrox. It ranged from Alaska to the middle of South America. In North America, this Ice Age Cat dated as far back as 350, 000 years ago, and went extinct about 13, 000 years ago. And in Florida, this Ancient Lion arrived around 70, 000 years ago in the late Pleistocene Period and is considered extremely rare. prehistoric lions north america

Dec 02, 2010 10 Huge Prehistoric Cats. Recently, it was suggested that the American lion was probably more similar to the jaguar. One thing is certain; the American lion was the largest cat in North America during the Ice Age, weighing up to 470 (1036lbs), perhaps even 500 kgs (1102lbs), and being able to take on very large prey.

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North America Lions were among the commonest large predators of iceage North America, ranging from unglaciated Alaska and Yukon ( Eastern Beringia ) to Mexico. The cave lion ( Panthera leo spelaea ) evolved about 350 000 years ago.

American lion. The American lion ( Panthera leo atrox) also known as the North American cave lion is an extinct subspecies of lion that lived in North America during the Pleistocene epoch (340, 000 to 11, 000 years ago). Genetic analysis has revealed that it was the sister lineage to the Eurasian cave lion.

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American lion (Panthera atrox) The American lion also known as the North American lion or American cave lion is an extinct feline of the family Felidae, endemic to North America during the Pleistocene epoch. The headbody length of the American lion is estimated to have been m and it would have stood 1. 3 metres at the shoulder.

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