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Inazuma Eleven GO vs. Danbru Senki W he tries to recreate the TriPegasus, and it evolves to The Phoenix. Later though, in the FFI arc, he returns to America to join his team. He is apparently quite famous in the football world, often known as the Field Magician. (bound) volumes of Inazuma Eleven have been released in JapanInazuma Japan (During Prelims) Inazuma Japan is the representative of Japan, ( obviously) it is composed of 16 members. It has 2 goalkeepeers, Mark Evans ( inazuma eleven inazuma japan vs america

So, a new Inazuma Eleven was announced, as people likely already know, so what I want to know is what are the chances of it coming to America? In the 9 years since the series has begun, America has gotten exactly one IE game to come out, which sucks considering how fun the games and anime series

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Inazuma Japan VS. Big Waves: Win of Inazuma Japan (21) Asia Representatives (SemiFinals) Inazuma Japan VS. Desert Lion: Win of Inazuma Japan (32) Fire Dragon VS. The Barracuda: Win of Fire Dragon (40) Asia Representatives (Final) Inazuma Japan VS. Fire Dragon: Win of Inazuma Japan (43) Africa Representatives (Final) Little Gigant VS.

The Renowned INAZUMA ELEVEN Series Makes Anticipated Debut in North America LOS ANGELES, CA (FEBRUARY 13, 2014) Globally renowned Japanese game company LEVEL5, best known for the critically acclaimed PROFESSOR LAYTON and NI NO KUNI, has released INAZUMA ELEVEN in North America and Europe in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

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Inazuma Eleven: The Seal of Orion ) Orion no Kokuin revolves around a team called Inazuma Japan composed of the best players of the previous Inazuma Eleven installmentsthat will act as a Japanese national team and will face teams from around the world.

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