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56 Little Known Facts about Human Trafficking. According to a 2009 Washington Times article, the Taliban buys children as young as seven years old to act as suicide bombers. The Western presence in Kosovo, such as NATO troops and civilians, have fueled the rapid growth of sex trafficking and forced prostitution.Conceptual Shift. In the US, trafficking started to be called modernday slavery. When the draft TVPA became an antislavery law, the definition had to conform to slavery standards meaning force, fraud or coercion had to be the means used to compel either forced labor or a commercial sex act. sex trafficking in latin america facts

Trafficking in Persons in Latin America and the Caribbean. Congressional Research Service 6. Childrens Fund, a combination of gangs, crime families, and drug trafficking organizations run sex trafficking rings in Guatemala that may involve some 48, 500 victims. 28 There are also intraregional trafficking problems.

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research into Latin America, both in human trafficking and in anthropological studies, but suggests that there is a connection between how culture treats gender, raceethnicity and poverty, the interplay of those factors, and the likelihood that a person will be trafficked for sex or labor.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: THE FACTS. The headline facts An estimated 2. 5 million people are in forced labour (including sexual exploitation) at any given time as a result of trafficking. 1. Of these: o. 1. 4 million 56 are in Asia and the Pacific. o. 250, 000 10 are in Latin America and the Caribbean. o. 230, 000 9. 2 are in the

In Latin America, poverty, political corruption, sexual abuse, and drug use all play a major role in the presence of sex trafficking. But while those reasons explain how sex trafficking is possible in Latin America (and truthfully are possible and present all throughout the world), the demand for sex trafficking is largely due to pornography.

The Problem Every day in Latin America and in U. S. Latino communities, young women and girls are preyed on and recruited into human trafficking networks that sell sex in residential brothels, in bars or cantinas, through escort services, and in other venues across the U. S.

Facts& Stats. Sex Trafficking: the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act, in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person forced to perform such an act is under the age of 18 years; or Labor Trafficking: the recruitment,

Trafficking of women and girls within Central America. tims of child sex trafficking networks in Guatemala, accord Trafficking of women and girls within Central America tims are sexually exploited, indicating that other forms of trafficking exist. Similarly, in Nicaragua in recent years,

3 During its1928 global study, the League of Nations concluded that Latin America is the traffic market of the world. 6 Currently Latin America has been assessed to be the third highest source of human trafficking. 7 With that finding in mind, this paper will argue that human trafficking continues to be a growing problem in the Central American region.

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The Many Forms of Sex Trafficking in Central America. Elsewhere in Central America, human trafficking is more closely associated with tourism, especially sex tourism, whereby individuals (generally wealthy North American or European men) travel to a country with the explicit purpose of purchasing sex, frequently with minors.

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