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Nov 25, 2007 Top 10 differences between Europe and America. Listverse Staff November 25, 2007. Share 294. Tweet. Grocery delivery is very common in England, while it is still only seen occasionally in the US. and our foods smothered in gravy. Europeans have a diverse cultural history in their food and this is still obvious in every nation100 cultural differences between England and America including no 'crappy' cars and cider is good. Sixtysixyearold Scott Waters visited our green and pleasant land this summer, and on his america england cultural differences

Dec 02, 2013 Note: These are observations from the tiny city of Leicester where I lived. Obviously, everyone has different experiences in different places.

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Difference between American Culture and British Culture. Comparison between American Culture and British Culture: American Culture. British Culture. Location. United States of America. United Kingdom, mainly Britain. Behavior. More hectic, appear to be in a hurry. Laid back.

The Similarities and Differences of the Work Culture in the United Kingdom vs America Posted by: Kerry Noonan Given that we share a common history, love the same pop culture and enjoy a special relationship, youd be forgiven for thinking that British and American

Cultural differences While you may not think it at first, there are numerous cultural differences between the US and the UK that you will likely encounter: Tipping: tip 1520 at restaurants, 510 for taxis, 10 for hairdressers, 12 per drink and 35 per suitcase carried not

Jan 20, 2017 What are the differences between British and American Culture? When looking at life in the UK vs USA there are many similarities. This video shows what's not the same in terms of culture. As an

Dec 06, 2016  US v UK: Why Americans think Brits are functional drunks AMERICANS have revealed what they really think of life in the UK, exposing the glaring cultural gaps between the two nations.

Difficult question, especially since there are some serious cultural differences within Britain itself, even within its constituent nations (the North and South of England, for instance, bicker all the time, and Londons practically a different country).

The cultural differences between the UK and the USA go far beyond driving on different sides of the road and using different voltages.

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England and the US are generally presumed to be culturally similar. But aside from sharing English as a predominant language, England and the US have more cultural differences than author Jennifer Still expected before she packed her bags and moved across the pond.

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