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SNLs Vanessa Bayer on Miley Cyrus, JPop America Fun Time Now, and Google AlertsOct 16, 2011 Watch Saturday Night Live highlight 'JPop Talk Show' on NBC. com. Two college students celebrate their love of Japanese culture with their TV show JPop America Fun Time Now. j pop america fun time snl

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In this skit, the show pokes fun at Americans who enthusiastically and inaccurately embrace Japanese anime culture. Two Michigan State University students (Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer) air their J Pop America Fun Time Now on MSU's Campus TV, while their professor (Jason Sudeikis) looks on in horror. Anna is a guest on the show.

The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced between September 24, 2011, and May 20, 2012, the thirtyseventh season of SNL Contents 1 JPop America Fun Time

Brace yourselves! Saturday Night Live delivered yet another Jpop America Fun Time Now! skit last night, lampooning the behavior of foreign otaku and Japanophiles everywhere.

In this SNL Skit, we see another episode of JPop America Fun Time Now, in which two Michigan State students (Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer) celebrate their love for all things Japanese. In this episode they welcome their friend from Jewish summer camp (Jonah Hill), who happens is a Samurai sword enthusiast who speaks as if he were 80 years old.

They are making fun of a specific caucasian subculture which is fascinated with Japanese media. The addition of the Japanese studies professor as a factchecker is a nice touch. ata4ya: It's 2018, SNL.

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JPop America Fun Time Now! is a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live. It involves Michigan State University students Jonathan Cavanaugh san (played by Taran Killam ) and Rebecca SternMarkowitz san (played by Vanessa Bayer ) presenting a campus TV show based on their obsession with, and profound misunderstanding of, Japanese pop culture.

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