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The Atlantic coastlines of South America and Africa fit together. Evidencecontinental puzzle. Remains of Mesosaurus are limited to eastern South America and southern Africa.The Atlantic coasts of Africa and South America appear to fit together neatly, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The same shape is also traced out by the MidAtlantic Ridge, shown on this map by the lightcolored area (representing relatively shallow seas) between the two continents. south america and africa together

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In 1858, geographer Antonio SniderPellegrini made two maps of the globe showing his version of how South America and Africa may once have fit together, then later separated.

South America and Africa were once together, but were split apart by the formation of a diverging plate boundary. This is confirmed by matches between the rocks and fossils of the two continents. Plate motion, not continents drifting, explains this. The two continents are

Evidence for Joined Continents This image shows a reconstruction of South America and Africa, joined together along their matching coastlines. In addition, several other pieces of evidence support the idea that the continents were joined.

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After he observed that South America and Africa fit together like pieces of a puzzle, Alfred Wegener developed the theory of. A. continental drift B. plate tectonics C. tectonic activity D. the layers of

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