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Goldwind Africa (SubSaharan Africa) Goldwind Asia (Central, East& Southeast Asia) Goldwind Australia (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia) Goldwind Europe (European countries, except Russia) Goldwind MENA (Middle East& North Africa, Turkey) Goldwind South America (South American continent) Goldwind USA (USA, Canada, Mexico& Panama)China's Goldwind poised for North America breakthrough IN DEPTH Patience pays off as Chinas largest wind turbine maker eyes prospect of up to 2GW installed across the goldwind latin america

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China's Goldwind Science& Technology Co. Ltd. is a company founded in 1998 in the city of Urumqi, engaged in manufacturing of wind turbines, as well as investments, sales and services related to

Its operations are split into seven regional centers: Goldwind USA, Goldwind Australia, Goldwind South America, Goldwind Asia, Goldwind Europe and Goldwind Africa. In Latin America, it operates

Explore Goldwinds suite of turbines. 1. 5MW PMDD 2. 5MW PMDD 3. 0MW PMDD 4S MW PMDD. Innovating For A Brighter Tomorrow. Providing customized technology solutions to customers with diverse profiles and needs. Discover our energy solutions. Energy Everywhere.

List of countries in Latin America: Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean whose inhabitants speak a Romance language.

About Goldwind Americas. Goldwind Americas, headquartered in Chicago, is a world leading wind turbine technology and energy solutions provider.

It will supply 40 sets of 2. 5 MW GW (120HH) Goldwind turbines. The financing for the project was provided by the ChinaCentral and Eastern Europe Investment Cooperation Fund as well as by Asporta and OZone AD.

Goldwind seals Panama project. Goldwinds US subsidiary has closed a 71m deal to finance the 55MW initial phase of Panamas Penonome wind farm, scheduled to begin commercial operation in 2014.

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Goldwind International encompasses 7 regional centers to support our customers on every continent. Goldwind first began its international endeavors in 2008 by delivering 6 units of GW kW wind turbines to Cuba, Latin America. This first international contract has led to the global expansion of Goldwind on six continents.

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