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Bourbon is the only native spirit of the United States of America, which was declared by Congress in 1964. In order for an alcohol to be considered bourbon, it must be made with a minimum of 51 percent corn, aged in charred new oak barrels, stored at no more thanThe following are 33 strange facts about America that most Americans would be shocked to learn# 1 The amount of cement that China used from 2011 to 2013 was greater than the total amount of cement that the United States used during the entire 20th century. secret facts about america

When we look behind the scenes of politics in America, the Secret Service is almost always there. This list is full of interesting facts about the Secret Service that you may find extremely surprising. On this list, you'll find modernday Secret Service facts and historical Secret Service facts.

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Top 10 Weird Government Secrets. It's not just military secrets that governments keep close. And some information, like the recently revealed allegation that Winston Churchill ordered a coverup of a UFO sighting, seems more amusing than disturbing.

Jan 02, 2017 Keeping the commanderinchief of the United States safe requires a level of vigilance and cautionary measures that is in another league entirely. The Secret Service takes this job very seriously. But sometimes, things do happen, both funny and tragic. Here is a list of 10 facts about the Secret Service that might surprise you.

21 Shocking Facts About U. S. Presidents. The Birth of a Nation, which has become the most banned film in American Secret Service agents reportedly had to stop his wife from beating down

Lets open these facts about America with one about our countrys greatest symbol: its flag. The current 50star American flag was designed by a 17yearold as a school project in 1958. He got

Apr 18, 2016 Read Fast Facts from CNN about the US Secret Service, the agency that protects the president of the United States.

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To save you the trouble of digging them up, weve gone ahead and collected these strange but true facts about The United States of America. Take a look. 1. One out of every eight people in the United States has been employed by McDonalds at some point in their lives.

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