Why does france hate america

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In the aftermath of Sept. 11, Americans rushed to bookstores and libraries in search of the answer to the question that had been thrust upon them: Why do they hate us? But who knew that we shouldWhy do the French hate Americans? We dont. Seriously. we dont hate you, people. Some French might, as some Americans hate French, but thats just stupid bigotry and ignorance. We French as a people dont hate Americans, or anyone else for that matter. Come to France why does france hate america

Nov 08, 2008 I don't think we hate each other, actually. We're both (the french and americans) just really proud of our country, and have a bit of a rivalry going on between us over who's better and why.

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What French people really think of the US. Waka Flocka once tweeted when he was in France with a hashtag about French food but Americans love old school French actors but those actors

Jul 06, 2013 Specifically, why do so many French people despise Americans? Especially when one considers recent history between the two countries, events within living memory.

Jul 08, 2013 Let me start out by saying the French do not hate Americans. That's all I heard before our first trip to France and I was actually concerned that it must be true coming from so many different sources. Actually, our trip consisted of time spent in Ireland, England, France, Switzerland and Italy and I can not put into words how well we were treated in every country including France.

Jun 12, 2006 Britain and America have both had stable histories (compared to the wars and revolutions on the continent), and the common language has made Britain the most obvious European country for Americans to visit or move to, and vice versa. France doesn't 'hate' America.

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Why do the French hate Americans? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki people in France also understand that there is a difference between what the US Government does and what the people do. In general, Americans visiting France are treated with respect and even interest. The same Americans who claim the French hate Americans are also the people

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