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The Kings Highway Bridge. This highway is now the oldest road in continuous use in the nation. In Philadelphia, William Penn had the Kings Highway Bridge built by residents via royal edict. This bridge, built in 1697 is the oldest roadway bridge in continuous use inOct 05, 2009 Answers. History points to Dutch settlers as the folks who built Old Mine Road during the early 1600s more than 50 years before William Penn set foot on American soil. That makes it the oldest commercial roadway in the United States and probably in North America. The first residents used the road to haul wagonloads of copper ore from mines oldest highways in america

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Interstate 20. The oldest Interstate segments actually predate the establishment of the Interstate system, according to the US Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration. Early examples include a portion of the Grand Central Parkway in Queens, New York, was opened to traffic in July 1936 and later was incorporated into

Lincoln Highway. After the Interstate Highway System was formed in the 1950s, the former alignments of the Lincoln Highway were largely superseded by Interstate 80 as the primary coasttocoast route from the New York City area to San Francisco.

The American Roads web site features information and resources related to finding and traveling America's scenic and historic old highways. Travel down the Lincoln Highway, the National Old Trails Road, or the Old Spanish Trail.

Early motor routes. In 1913 the Lincoln Highway Association was formed to plan and promote and sign a highway suitable for automobiles using existing roads from Times Square in New York City to San Francisco, California. This was a success and was followed by the development of named auto trail s throughout North America.

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Some folks in Pennsylvania have been exploring the oldest road in America and have produced a documentary. They may not call it historical exploration, but they started with the history of the Kings Highway and went exploring before producing their documentary video. The Kings Highway

Jun 04, 2018  While driving across the U. S. , it might seem like some highways are neverending, but which one's actually the longest? Hint: One end begins in Boston. America's 50 longest highways

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Truckers History Report: Americas Oldest Highways. The federal government took over the American highway system in 1925, and split the Lincoln Highway into four different routes. The Lincoln Highway is now part of U. S. 1, which travels from New York to Philadelphia; U. S. 30, which extends to Wyoming; U. S. 40 and U. S. 50, which completes the route to San Francisco.

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