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2020-03-29 03:25

The protests live on today. Thanks to civil rights and feminist activists, 1968 was perhaps the most exciting year in the Miss America pageants history. Newspapers and magazines delighted in the drama of the three events and broadcast the activists messages to a mass audience. The Miss Black AmericaIn hindsight: A statue of Miss America has become a defining feature of Atlantic City, but evidence of the 1968 protest of the pageant remains absent from the boardwalk. 1968 protests miss america

Miss America pageant is under new leadership after a sexist email scandal. But the pageant has a long history of controversyincluding the 1968 protests. After the election and inauguration of President Trump, millions of women and their allies marched in the nations capital and in cities around the world to reaffirm womens rights,

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On September 7, 1968, two protests took place within blocks of one another on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey, both giving voice to the growing disgust many Americans felt for the Miss America

On September 7, 1968, a group of women led by the New York Radical Women gathered outside Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey to protest the Miss America

The Miss America Protest: 1968. Leah Fritz and Florika are to the left of the giant Miss America puppet. Flo Kennedy, in a white pantsuit, is on the right. What Can Be Learned: A Critique of the Miss America Protest. Available from the archives in Redstockings First Literature List.

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Miss America was a highly anticipated and widely watched event in 1968, so much of the nation tuned in to the live broadcast. The protest received media attention, which in turn attracted more women to the Womens Liberation movement.

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