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Free America, lyrics, Music You Can Read, Music Notes, Inc Music Notes, Inc. publishes Music You Can Read an Internet based elementary music curriculum. Music You Can ReadThese words are by Dr. Joseph Warren, of Boston. Warren was one of the original Minute Men. The commonly known words cannot predate 1678, as that was when the regiment was created. William Chappell's Popular Music of the Olden Time places the tune in the Elizabethan era, For Free America. We led fair Freedom hither, And lo, the desert free america song joseph warren

Born in Massachusetts, Warrens contribution to American song is the lyrics to Free America, a battle hymn set to the tune of the English song British Grenadiers. Warren was one of the original Minute Men and died in the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775.

Free america song joseph warren free

Feb 20, 2011 American Revolutionary Song by Dr. Joseph Warren.

Liberty Song Free America Melody British Grenadiers Dr. Joseph Warren, c. 1777. That Seat of Science Athens, And Earth's great Mistress Rome, Where now are all their Glories, We scarce can find their Tomb; Many songs of this period rhyme America as if the final a were long.

Free Americay Free Americay was written by Dr. Joseph Warren, one of the original Minute Men who played a critical role in Boston in the early days of the struggle to give life to the new nation America.

Free America by Joseph Warren. That seat of science Athens, And earths proud mistress, Rome, Where now are all their glories We scarce can find a tomb.

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And blast the venal sycophants who dare our rights betray: [Warrens Free America, written not long Liberty Song, this is more commonly known today as Free America and is attributed without documentation to Joseph Warren. The songs appearance in the Massachusetts Spy captures a spirit of Patriot morale bolstering

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