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Aug 21, 2018 The Netherlands. Formerly a Protestant province of Spain, the Netherlands was determined to become a commercial power and saw exploration as a means to that end. In 1609, Henry Hudson led an expedition to America for the Dutch East India Company and laid claim to the area along the Hudson River as far as presentday Albany.Spanish colonization of the Americas. Spanish wars of conquest included laying waste much of the Netherlands and a disastrous attempt to invade England. In the early 19th century, the Spanish American wars of independence resulted in the emancipation of most Spanish colonies in the Americas, except for Cuba and Puerto Rico, spanish exploration of the americas

Exploration of the Americas. But, without a doubt, the onslaught of European colonization began in 1492 with the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and quickly accelerated as the Spanish claimed land in the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and South America, the French claimed land in the Caribbean and the central and northern portions

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Exploration of North America. The exploration of North America by nonindigenous people was a continuing effort to map and explore the continent of North America. It spanned centuries, and consisted of efforts by numerous people and expeditions from various foreign countries to map the continent. The European colonization of the Americas followed.

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After Columbus came to North America, the people there suffered from loss of religion, and were forced to work in gold mines, on ranches, and in Spanish households.

Map: Spanish explorers' routes, from American Journeys: Eyewitness Accounts of American Exploration and Settlement (Wisconsin Historical Society) (PDF) De Soto expedition, map and brief overview in Parallel HistoriesHistorias Paralelas: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier, from the Library of Congress, the National Library of Spain, et al.

Columbus, while he did not technically discover the Americas, was the first of the Spanish to explore (and exploit) them.

Spanish Discovery and Colonization. By the time the English began active colonization, the Spanish had already explored large portions of North America, especially in the South and Southwest. The Spanish explorers encountered three major civilizations in the New World: the Incas in presentday Peru and the Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico

Christopher Columbus. Spain was the leading European power in the early imperial rivalry for control of North America and for centuries, dominated the Southeastern and Southwestern parts of what was later the United States particularly the States of Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

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The role of Spanish explorers in the discovery, exploration, and development of America. Documents Columbus, Cortes, and Ponce de Leon, and how they were represented in later years. Features songs, maps, drawings, paintings, and written documents.

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