Mysterious tunnels in south america

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The ancient underground tunnels. In the Caucasus and Crimea is another site of the ancient tunnels. Under the Caucasus ridge Uvarov cavers discovered a tunnel leading to the Crimea, the Volga region and the Caspian Sea. Medveditskaya mountain range, located in the Volga region in its interior there is a network of tunnels.How can the answer be improved? mysterious tunnels in south america

Cave and Tunnel Entrances of South America. Posted on December 12, 2012 September 21, 2018 Author Orbman# 9 Pages 3539 of Eric Normans book, The UnderPeople, contains the following interesting statements: at first I scoffed at such stories about mysterious tunnels and an alien civilization beneath the surface I joined an

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There are mysterious tunnels in South America, some thousands of feet long, thought to have been dug by extinct, giant sloths.

THE MYSTERY OF THE TUNNELS OF SOUTH AMERICA. The old chroniclers say the tunnels were connected with the Ccoricancha, a name given to the sacred area of old Cuzco. In addition to the Temple of the Sun, this area contained temples dedicated to the moon, lightening, thunder, Venus, the rainbow and the Pleiades.

Mysterious MegaTunnels of South America Dug by the Extinct Megasloth. Humans and tunnels have a deep historic connection. We have used tunnels for housing, mining, travel, military and for various other purposes since the dawn of history. But some tunnels in South America have recently created a buzz among geologists, researcher, and explorers.

These giant tunnels in South America aren't caves theyre prehistoric burrows. Today's armadillos are expert diggers, with powerful arms and large claws. The largest living species creates burrows less than half a metre (1. 5 feet) across, but in the past, South America was home to armoured giants like Holmesina and Pampatherium,

Secret Ancient Subterranean Tunnels And Caverns Across America: Who Or What Were Our Ancestors Hiding From? Legends, myths, North America, South America, Tunnels, underground. More From Ancient Pages. Highly Advanced Robots In Ancient China Ancient Technology Mysterious Complex Of Circles Prehistoric Stonehenge Monument In The

by Warren Smith. Underground gardens artistically crafted from gold and precious jewels Rumors of golden plaques with strange inscriptions engraved on their shining sides These are the ingredients of the great mystery connected to a network of subterranean tunnels allegedly existing beneath the valleys and plateaus of South America.

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But tens of thousands of years after these megafauna did their digging, those tunnels still dot this part of South America. Discover has a great feature up about it.

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