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GMNA Resources. A collection of geospatial files, map images, publication documentation, and informational resources in support of the Geologic Map of North America. Images Docs GIS About Contact. U. S. Geological Survey Supported by the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program Page Contact Information:Detailed Description. This map was produced from Geographic Information System (GIS) files prepared by the USGS National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB). The GMNA Resources Site has the geospatial files, map images, publication documentation, and informational resources. . The Geologic Map of North America is a product of GSA's Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) project. usgs tectonic map of north america

Geologic Province and ThermoTectonic Age Maps. The Tectonic Map of the World by Exxon (1985) was the main source of information to classify geologic provinces and thermotectonic age in the Phanerozoic. W. Hamilton (comments on Australia, Indonesia and North America); and;

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Map by the United States Geological Survey. The boundary between the North America Plate and the Eurasian Plate is an example of a divergent boundary at a midocean ridge. All of the plate boundaries that occur down the center of the Atlantic Ocean are divergent boundaries that follow the crest of the MidAtlantic Ridge. Here are two

North America's continental growth through the ages. North America's continental growth through the ages. In Images: How North America Grew As a Continent. U. S. Geological Survey.

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THE TECTONICS OF NORTH AMERICA A DISCUSSION TO ACCOMPANY THE TECTONIC MAP OF NORTH AMERICA, SCALE 1: 5, 000, 000 By PHILIP B. KING ABSTRACT The Tectonic Map of North America, on a scale of 1: 5, 000, 000, has been compiled by the United States Geologi cal Survey in collaboration with other national geological sur

Since the 1800s, the USGS and its partners, the State Geological Surveys, have been producing high quality, standardized geologic maps of the Nation. Check out the National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB), which is the National archive of these maps and related geoscience reports.

For a complete map of tectonic plate boundaries and their velocities of activity, as well as of seafloor age, follow this link: Further north on the western North American plate margin Implications of plate tectonics for the Cenozoic tectonic evolution of western North America. Geological Society of America Bulletin 81, no. 12 (1970

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The layer of the Earth we live on is broken into a dozen or so rigid slabs (called tectonic plates by geologists) that are moving relative to one another. Historical

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