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There was a large turnout last week on the first day of a threeday symposium entitled Accelerators for Americas Future. The attendance, as well as the presentations from a diverse range of speakers, demonstrated the great interest there is in the potential of accelerators in areas such as medicine, industrial applications, and energy, as well as in new acceleratorTheir application is much wider, with an estimated 30, 000 particle accelerators in use throughout the world. The economic impact of accelerators is significant. The current market for medical and industrial accelerators is more than 3. 5 billion a year, with estimated annual future growth of 10 percent. accelerators for america's future

The Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology Facility, known as FAST, is a test bed for cuttingedge particle beam and accelerator research based on superconducting technology. FAST will be unique in the United States as a particle beam research facility based on superconducting radiofrequency technology, on which nearly all proposed future

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During the less than a century development of accelerator science and technology that led to a dazzling list of discoveries, particle accelerators have also found various applications beyond particle and nuclear physics research, and become an indispensible part of the economy.

Accelerators for Americas Future A beam of particles is a very useful tool. A beam of the right particles with the right energy at the right intensity can shrink a tumor, produce cleaner energy,

Accelerators for Americas Future Benefits of Particle Physics to Society Why fundamental science? CERN. Related articles. Electrons are fantastically round, say British scientists (guardian. co. uk) Sign of new particle could point to novel physics (cbc. ca) Posted by Willi at Sunday, May 29, 2011.

that accelerators play in energy and the environment, medicine, industry, national security and defense, and discovery science will inform strategic planning for accelerator science and technology by DOEs Office of Science. Accelerators for Americas Future Converting metalcoating facilities to

The Accelerators for America's Future website grew out of a 2009 symposium, sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy, on the uses and needs of accelerators for the discovery science, energy and environment, defense and security, industrial, and medical communities.

Accelerator for America launches and replicates local initiatives to improve people's lives in communities across the country by creating national change from the bottom up.

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report Accelerators for Americas Future, published by the DOE Office of Science. The full report can be downloaded as a pdf file, and hard copies can be requested at www. A beam of particles is a very useful tool. A beam of the right particles with the right

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