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Puppy Raiser Application. We appreciate your interest in raising a puppy to be a future Guide Dog. Please review our requirements before filling out the application. At this time our puppy raising program is limited to Southern California.During their puppy raising years, Kristin also became an area coleader for a puppy raiser group. Wanting to do more, they donated general funds, matching gifts, and stock. They sponsored guide dogs and sent wish list items at the holidays. guide dogs of america puppy raiser

I am raising Edison, puppy# 21 for Guide Dogs of America. I started raising GDA puppies about 30 years ago when I was a resource teacher for visually impaired elementary students. Quixote, my first puppy was a class project.

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Take Home a Puppy! If you live near one of our many puppy raiser groups in select cities in seven states, join the funand our missionand become a Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy raiser. For just over a year, our puppies need loving homes to learn good house manners and basic obedience, and volunteers like you are exactly what we need.

is a great way to contribute to Guide Dogs of America. Volunteer ApplicationThere are many types of volunteering, including Puppy Raising. If you are interested in being a volunteer Puppy Raiser, please visit the Puppy Raising page, where youll find the specific Puppy Raiser

GDA pays for the Vet. bills, but the puppy raiser pays for most of the other stuff including food, toys for the dog, etc. I know some of the other Guide DogService Dog organizations do not cover vet bills. Guide Dogs of America is located in Southern California. Good luck if you decide to puppy raise.

Guide Dogs of America starts them all as puppies, and puppy trainers have them from eight weeks to 18 months. We are always looking for puppy raisers, says Henderson, who adds that her program covers the areas all the way from San Diego up to San Luis Obispo.

Puppy raisers are the cornerstone of our training program at Guide Dogs of America. At the heart of every successful guide dog team is a puppy raiser who embraced the opportunity to raise a special puppy, teach him to feel safe in the world, and help him learn the skills necessary to become a wellmannered canine citizen.

I am pleased to give a shout out to Guide Dogs of America for their excellent work. Recently, my colleague, Claudia Lopez attended the graduation ceremony of a clientguide dog partnership between Ms. Vivian and Guide Dog Sallie. Ms.

Kassandra Hernandez, Guide Dogs of America Graduate, Class 390 Read the full story We provide expertly matched guide dog partners to adults from the U. S. and Canada who are blind or visually impaired, instruction in how to work with the dog as a team, and a

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My goal was unique I wanted to be a Guide Dogs of America puppy raiser! I was first introduced to GDA, guide dogs, and puppy raisers at the annual Girl Scout Cookie Kick Off when I was 7 years old.

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