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Constitution Act, 1867. The British North America Acts, including this Act, were renamed in 1982 with the patriation of the Constitution (originally enacted by the British Parliament ); however, it is still known by its original name in United Kingdom records. AmendmentsHow can the answer be improved? british north america act 1967

British North America Act. The act served as Canadas constitution until 1982, when it was renamed the Constitution Act, 1867, and became the basis of Canadas Constitution Act of 1982, by which the British Parliaments authority was transferred to the independent Canadian Parliament.

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British North America Act 1867. All powers under Acts to be exercised by Governor General with advice of Privy Council, or alone. Application of provisions referring to Governor General in Council.

The British North America Act Constitution Act. The British North America Act of 1867, (BNA Act) is now known as the Constitution Act of 1867. This is the basis of the Constitution Act of 1982, which is Canadas fundamental law. It determines the structure of government, the allocation of powers between federal and provincial authorities,

British North America Act, 1915. Finally, this act amended section 51 of the British North America Act of 1867 to guarantee that no province would have fewer members of the House of Commons than of the senate. In 1982, this Act was renamed the Constitution Act, 1915.

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British North American Act of 1867. STUDY. PLAY. Importance. It is now a major part of Canada's constitution. Made. July 1, 1867. Groups involved. British Parliament and Canada ( specifically New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the province of Canada( later known as Quebec and Ontario)) Reason 1.

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