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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More 18, or one where daphne comes for a business trip and tries to get maxon's attention by doing slutty stuff and it leads America to doubt maxon's love for her, but maxon shows her differently, or one where america decides she wants to workout and she wants Maxon to be her personal trainer, or oneMaxerica Pregnant Fanfic He asked, and for some reason which I can only blame on baby hormones, this question made me feel so unbelievably angry. Well be great parents America, youll see, it will all be ok. He said, pressing his lips against my temple. I nodded, trying to convince myself it would be fine. maxon and america baby fanfiction

It starts at the point where Maxon sends away Aspen after Maxon saw America and Aspen together. I do not own the characters. Language: English Words: 2, 590 Chapters: 11 Maxon SchreaveAmerica Singer (29) Aspen LegerLucy (5) Fanfiction (2) Canon Compliant (2) Alternate Universe Canon Divergence (2) Kings& Queens (2)

Maxon and america baby fanfiction free

Maxon ran his finger down her sex, feeling America shiver, but continuing anyway. He pressed his thumb to her clit and began to rub circles. Ohmygod! America mumbled grasping onto Maxons broad shoulders. Shh, baby are you okay? Maxon asks calmly, receiving a muffle mhm from America.

Browse through and read maxon america fanfiction stories and books. Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings Go to page. The One Fanfic) Caitlin Romance June 22, 2016. Something went wrong right after America and Maxon fought in The One. Maxon didn't remember America at all. The King had all of the girls go home, so he

Jan 13, 2019 Read Part 1: America and Maxon from the story After: a Maxerica Fanfiction by theselectionfanfic (the selection) with 2 After: a Maxerica Fanfiction Part 1: America and Maxon

After the unthinkable happens, America and Celeste are left to compete for Prince Maxons heart. America is still recovering from a neardeath experience and Celeste is as arrogant as ever. King Clarkson and Maxon have both forgiven America for her actions, but things arent what they seem.

FollowFav 5 years later. By: PeetaOrMaxon. The story of America and Maxon's first child together. See how they cope with the stress of running a country, dealing with family and having a baby at the same time. Thanks forreading my first ever fanfiction. Please review and tell me what you think! PeetaOrMaxon Next Favorite

FollowFav One Night with the Prince. By: avaatquevale2250. We were going to have a baby. America? Maxon's muffled voice was at the doors that lead to his room. He opened it, looking around for me. We're having a baby. Maxon let out a loud, joy filled laugh. He launched himself at me, kissing me fiercely. I could feel his excitement

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More Maxon and America's Anniversary 2. In the Kitchens (if, for some odd reason, no one was down there) 3. After America tells Maxon that she's pregnant 4. In the movie theater for a date night (maybe have a flashback from chapter 15) 5. They could be staying at her family's house and do it in a

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Maxon& America: The Married Life (A The Selection Fanfiction) Fanfiction. What happens after The One? What happens after the wedding ceremony? What life awaits when Maxon and America got married? When America and Maxon got married, things begin to change around them. They want to remove the castes system, and let the peop

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