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10 Most Successful Real Estate Billionaires in America. In fact, the richest real estate billionaire from America is only fourth in the world, behind two Chinese and a German. In fact, out of top 20 real estate billionaires, only five are from America. The title of the richest real estateAmerica Richest Real Estate Moguls, Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, Wealthiest Personalities America Business Resources richest real estate investors in america

Combined between these 10 businessmen is a whopping 123 billion in net worth, according to WealthX, a global provider of information on the wealth community.

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richest in real estate No other industry carries as much influence on our lives: where we work, how we eat and shop, the way we experience sports and entertainment and how that all relates to

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 156: THE RICHEST REAL ESTATE INVESTOR IN AMERICA. In 1970, International Paper Co. bought Bren Company for 34 million. But just two years later, after a recession and downturn in the real estate market, Bren bought his company back for just 22 million.

Mar 14, 2016  Full List: The World's Richest Real Estate Barons. Donald Bren is the fourthrichest real estate tycoon on the Billionaires List (No. 54 at 15. 1 billion), and the wealthiest American property baron. The developer owns a diverse 110 million square

The 25 Richest Real Estate Investors In America. In the words of the Gym Class Heroes, I wanna be a billionaire, so (insert inappropriate language here) bad, and the 25 men on this list are just that. Each and every one of these American men has made it their

Feb 05, 2017  A rare interview with the richest real estate developer in America, Donald Bren. In this interview Donald discusses his strategy when first purchasing Irvine corporation, why

Donald Trump is not America's richest real estate tycoon it's another Donald who's worth almost 17 billion. Irvine Co. 's portfolio of properties exceeds 110 million square feet and includes office buildings, apartments, marinas, and hotels, most of which is located in picturesque Orange County. Bren also has a footprint in Trump's native New York City as the majority owner of the New York Met Life building.

Mar 04, 2014 Gallery: Richest Real Estate Billionaires. Jeff Sutton, the Manhattan retail landlord who brought American Girl to Fifth Avenue and commands some of the highest rents in the country, is the second American newcomer, with a net worth of 2. 7 billion.

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