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South America by Bus. In the more developed countries of South America, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, bus travel can safely be called the best in all of the Americas. Air travel is still expensive for the majority of South Americans and most travelers take the bus, often on longdistance and overnight routes.South America is an enormous piece of land and exploring it by bus can take a little while longer. However, bus rides make up for it in the culture, scenery and experiences you will have on the road. Here are some suggestions for how to travel South America by bus and see as travel by bus south america

The Green Toad Bus offers passes for Peru bus travel, Brazil bus travel, Bolivian bus travel, Chile bus travel, and Argentina bus travel covering a great area of South America. We also offer backpacker tours for those who want cheap South America travel packages and we can combine buses and activities to make the most of your stay!

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South America is a huge continent and although its countries' bus systems are mostly safe, holdups due to traffic, road blockages and even vehicle malfunction are not uncommon.

Bus Travel in South America. Highquality tour buses with airconditioning, reclining seats or beds and (usually) toilets are byandlarge the most popular way of intercity and international travel in South America, even for journeys longer than 24 hours. The quality and prices of buses in South America vary depending on the country you visit,

Chile and much of Argentina have some of the bestmaintained roads and most comfortable and reliable bus services in South America. Most major cities and towns have a terminal de autobuses or terminal de mnibus (bus terminal); in Brazil, it's called a rodoviria, and in Ecuador it's a terminal terrestre.

Bus Travel in South America: Everything You Need to Know. Travelling by bus in South America can be a great way to get around cheaply and easily. Long distance buses in South America are usually (not always! ) fairly comfortable with reclining seats and air con, and some even include drinks, snacks and films to watch.

Bus travel is the most commonly used mode of transportation in South America, and takes you to zillions of fascinating places you will never see any other way. Whether you are planning a short or longdistance trip, if theres a road, a bus can take you.

Bus travel is super affordable. The average cost of bus travel ranges from 12 per hour in Bolivia and Ecuador, 3 per hour in Peru and 56 per hour in Brazil and Argentina. Considering you also save yourself a night in a hostel on overnight buses, thats not so bad. If youve got more time than money, traveling in South America by bus will save you loads of money over time.

If you travel in South America, you will probably end up taking a bus at some point. Buses are ubiquitous, efficient, cheap, and usually safe and comfortable. Often,

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Generally speaking, bus travel is the most cost effective means of getting around South America. Budget airlines are not common here, with some exceptions being Viva Colombia and Viva Air Peru. Although the bus journeys can be long and frustrating, saving the extra cash means you can spend it

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