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Issue(s): Captain America# 193, Captain America# 194, Captain America# 195, Captain America# 196, Captain America# 197, Captain America# 198, Captain America# 199, Captain America# 200 Cover Date: JanAug 76Captain America had become one of my favorite characters and titles. Now granted, by the time Kirby returned, Englehart had left and so had Buscema, so things had started to slide downhill, but Kirby's tenure took place in an entirely different universe. captain america 193

Basically, Captain America and the Falcon are detached from the rest of the Marvel Universe during Kirby's tenure as writer, artist, and editor. This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap.

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in Captain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus (Marvel, 2010 series) (2010) in Marvel Gold: Capitn Amrica: La Saga de la Bomba Loca (Panini Espaa, 2011 series) (Junio 2011) in Marvel Gold.

Captain America# 193. Analyzer Watch. 1976 28 Sales FMV Pending Captain America# 194. Analyzer Watch. 1976 33 Sales 9. 8 FMV 100 Captain America# 195. Analyzer Watch. 1976 17 Sales FMV Pending Captain America# 196. Analyzer Watch. 1976 0 Sales FMV Pending

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A limited edition giclee on paper of 295 signed by Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee entitled Captain America# 193 Madbomb 2016 marks Captain America's 75th Anniversary as one of Marvel's most wellloved characters, having made his comic book debut in Captain America Comics# 1 in March 1941.

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Captain America# 193 (Marvel Comics) Begins Jack Kirby's second run on title (which ends with issue# 214). Includes Marvel Value Stamp Series B# B01 (Amazing SpiderMan). Screamer in the Brain (Madbomb, pt. 1) At Leila Taylor's apartment, Captain America and Falcon are suddenly overcome with madness and hate.

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