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DapperRapper started from the remaining Candyrapper dancers to create a new team with a new history. They got off to a great start winning second place in the Dance America Rapper Tournament in 2015 and best new dancers in the Dance England Rapper Tournament.DANCING AMERICA RAPPER TOURNAMENT. Tentative Weekend Schedule Each team will perform their dance one additional time for Tom, who will then offer insightful feedback on the dancing and choreography. Teams will then be given time to work on this and perform it again. There will be 4 onehour slots, with three teams each. dance america rapper tournament

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United States Tournament of Dance has brought together the most talented dancers, teachers, and choreographers in the nation since 1976.

Dance America has been a leader in dance competitions and Utah dance& cheer camps. Dance America has developed a unique judging criteria for dance& cheer performances.

Jan 04, 2016 America's Got Talent. BEST Hip Hop Dance EVER on America's Got Talent BEST Hip Hop Dance EVER on America's Got Talent YouTube; BEST SOLO DANCERS From Got Talent Around The World! Part 1

In modern times, the competitive element of rapper sword dancing has been revived in the form of the Dancing England Rapper Tournament (DERT) competition, and in recent years its American counterpart, Dancing America Rapper Tournament (DART).

World Hip Hop Dance Championship. The World Hip Hop Dance Championship is an international hiphop dance competition created in 2002 by Hip Hop International. Countries that have participated in the past are Dominican Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, Switzerland, Morocco, Philippines, United Kingdom, China, Canada,

DERT the Dancing England Rapper Tournament is the main rapper competition in the UK. It runs annually and the venue varies from year to year, as does the organising committee, usually based around a rapper team. Next year's competition will be held in Manchester on the 12th March. The following links provide more information:

Inspired by the British competitions, Dancing England Rapper Tournament, we brought the idea of a rapper competition to the U. S. for the first Dancing AMERICA Rapper Tournament in October 2010. DART seeks to bring together sword teams from the U. S. , Canada, England, and as far afield as possible to celebrate the talent, innovation, and new ideas of sword dancing and honor its deeply rooted

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The Concert is a unique adjudicationonly competition. Dancers receive awards based on scores instead of placements. Combined with our previous Showdown Nationals competition, overall awards include scholarships and cash prizes.

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