Tropical dry forests in central america

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Restoration of dry tropical forests in Central America: A review of pattern and process Literature: Journal Articles Griscom, H. P. & Ashton, M. S. 2011, Restoration of dry tropical forests in Central America: A review of pattern and process , Forest Ecology andHow can the answer be improved? tropical dry forests in central america

This paper focuses on the management potential of natural forests in the tropical dry zones of Central America, particularly Nicaragua. Distribution and status of dry forest formations are reviewed.

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Natural forest management, together with conservation and reforestation, is viewed as the main management option for the tropical dry forest areas. In spite of its importance, this option has received little attention or promotion from the governmental forestry sector.

Dry tropical forests were once the most common forest type along the Pacific side of Central America, from Guatemala to Costa Rica, and the southeastern side of the Azuero peninsula in Panama (Sabogal, 1992, Murphy and Lugo, 1995, SanchezAzofeifa et al. , 2005b) (Fig. 1).

Diversity, composition, and structure of tropical dry forests in Central America 1. Department of Geography University of South Florida St. Petersburg USA. 2. Herbario Nacional Universidad Centroamericana Managua Nicaragua.

The dry forests of the Pacific Coast of northwestern South America support a wealth of unique species due to their isolation. The subtropical forests of MaputolandPondoland in southeastern Africa are diverse and support many endemics. The dry forests of central India and Indochina are notable for their diverse large vertebrate faunas.

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Central America: Patches scattered through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica Location and General Description. Up to the middle of the 20th century, Biodiversity Features. The dry forest on the Pacific Coast of Central America corresponds Current Status. In

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