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Munich has some great clubs and many other cultural offers, but its not quite as diverse as Berlin. Munich pros: It has superior infrastructure in every way (public transportation, internet).Munich Or Berlin: Where To Go First? Lily Cichanowicz. Berlin and Munich are two of Germanys most visited cities, yet they represent completely different sides of the country. Munich represents Germanys traditional side, from aesthetics to cuisine to culture. It is the Germany known to the world before its history was marked by the munich or berlin nightlife

Nightlife in munchen berlin? Watch. start new discussion reply. Page 1 of 1. you'll struggle to get into some clubs in Berlin as the bouncers are picky and often don't like foreigners. In Berlin is everything is more spread out, so you generally have to pick one club and stay there, whereas in Munich bar crawls are fun. There might be

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Berlin or Munich: which to visit in 3 days? Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, You've chosen exactly the 2 cities where 3 days are not ideal. For Berlin ( Potsdam) 3 days is really on the short side. And while 3 days are sufficient for Munich itself Munich offers great day trip destinations into all directions, like to the Bavarian Alps. For

Sep 06, 2012 Berlin Vs Munich: CAGEFIGHT. Jump to bottom. Posted by Sarah (Stuttgart, It is spread out and I do feel like I spend a lot of time on the U and S bahn's in Berlin, but the sights and nightlife more than make up for it. While Berlin and Munich duke it out, don't be surprised if another German city sneaks up and finishes them both off.

Jun 06, 2008 One thing about Berlin though is that the nightlife is streets ahead of Munich and the people are generally more intersting and friendly. In Munich it always annoyed me how everyone was 'Sie even service from young people e. g. in a cafe. ALso the night life in Munich is snobby and provincial. Berlin vs. Munich

In part two, Munich and Berlin will be compared in more depth at various micro levels. These micro levels of comparison will include, among others: language, beer& food cultures, parks, geography, public transportation systems and nightlife. Travis Shirk is the Travel Comparison Editor for Wandering Educators. Originally from

Top Nightlife in Munich: See reviews and photos of nightlife attractions in Munich, Germany on TripAdvisor. Munich. Munich Tourism Munich Hotels The VIP tour is the ultimate way to experience the nightlife of Munich, especially if you don't have much time to

Europe Barcelona vs Amsterdam and Munich vs Berlin I am going to Europe again in summer and are between going back to Amsterdam which i ( )Europe Barcelona vs Amsterdam and Munich

Sep 05, 2012 This being said, go to Berlin if you are interested in a more metropolitan and international atmosphere, nightlife, and numerous totally different quarters. Munich is the place to go if you like a beautiful old town, a relaxed beer garden atmosphere, enjoy traditional Bavarian food, trips to the lovely alpine upland, and (statistically) better

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Feb 02, 2005 Berlin vs. Munich nightlife and entertainments Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Berlin vs. Munich nightlife and entertainments Posted 16 Nov 2004. i have got tickets for the berlin vs munich game for next january. i have never been to berlin, but am looking forward to having a walk about the place. can anyone whos been there give

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