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The United States lost The War in Vietnam. After 100 years of war the United States paid the Seminole Indians to sign a peace treaty. You could say the United States lost the Seminole War.63 rows This is a list of wars fought by the United States of America. wars america has lost

Yes. The United States has fought to a handful of stalemates and draws, but there is only one conflict in American history that the United States lost: Red Clouds War. The conflict was fought between the US Army who had allied with the Crow tribe against Lakota,

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Why America Has Lost the Will to Win Wars S ince World War II, America has clearly won only one of five major conflicts: Operation Desert Storm. Korea was a bloody stalemate, Vietnam an

America Might Have The Best Military, But It Keeps Losing Wars. By John Haltiwanger. Jan 2 2015. The longest war in American history just ended. Well, that explains why we lost it.

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America Has Lost The War Against Guns. There are some people who live in areas with poor or nonexistent infrastructure that are many miles or even hours away from the nearest police station or hospital, and for those people, guns serve as literal homesecurity systems; they should own guns, too.

If God is always on America's side, then America wouldn't have lost any wars. America has lost wars. Therefore, God is not always on America's side.

Jul 26, 2011 Has America Lost Any Wars? Besides vietnam because I know they didnt lose it and it wasnt a war to begin with. . being said has The united states of america lost any wars? if anyone can tell me the exact numbers of wars won and lost I would greatly appreciate it.

The U. S. , which has spent some 877 billion on the war, has lost at least 2, 000 military personnel in Afghanistan since the war began. An unsustainable war And what did it get in return?

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War on Crime. While these wars were not technically lost, they bear all of the hallmarks of lost wars such as public outcry and economic troubles. These wars were gauged by destruction (the US caused a trmemndous amount), yet they were conceded as lost by politics.

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