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WDSF Worldcup Europe 2019. Agility Obedience Mondioring. Event information. Sign on Mondioring subscribe now. Location Mondioring The WC Mondioring will be hosted at HV Eureka Bree. Sign on Obedience Subscribe now. Location Agility& Obedience The WCs Agility&To immerse our delegates in the world of Japan retailing and make their stay in Japan as beneficial as possible, WDSF 2019 is also proposing an optional Store Tour Programme in Tokyo. Listen to compelling success stories and future strategies presented by seasoned CEOs. wdsf 2019 berlin

Berlin Email: Responsible for the WC Agility: Tanja Krebernik Email: Responsible for the WC Mondioring: Email: Arbitration of disputes. We are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer mediation body.

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WDSF World Championship Standard Senior I Berlin. Notify me if this competition changes. . Date. 20 April 2019

General information abut the WDSF International Open Latin Adult that took place in Berlin Germany on.

The 2019 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Senior I Standard will be take place during this years Blaues Band on April 20th. The World Championship will replace the previously planned WDSF Senior I Open. Eligible Participants. All couples, of the competitive category

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International Open, WDSF International Open Berlin (WDSF) 18, 20, 2014. WDSF 2019 4 ()

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