Ww2 concentration camps near berlin

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Learn about World War IIs Holocaust on this 6hour tour of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp from Berlin. Travel by train and take a tour of the site, once one of the most pivotal concentration camps inNazi Concentration Camps near or between Berlin and Prague to visit. I've been to BergenBelsen, Buchenwald (during the GDR era), Sachsenhausen and Dachau. They were each moving in their own way. Buchenwald, at that time, emphacized the political prisoners. Of course there were propaganda motives for that, ww2 concentration camps near berlin

The Original Berlin Sachsenhausen Tour Head with our local guides to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp located just outside Berlin. Discover the sobering history of this WWII Concentration Camp. Join us for stories of tragedy and triumph in world history at Sachsenhausen Berlin.

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As Dachau was being developed, more camps were established in Oranienburg near Berlin, Esterwegen near Hamburg, and Lichtenburg near Saxony. Even the city of Berlin itself held prisoners of the German secret state police (the Gestapo) at the Columbia Haus facility.

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