Berlin wall ghost stations

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Mar 07, 2013  The exhibit uses the Berlin former ghost station underground to address themes of the memorial of the division of the city, the migration to the West and theApr 13, 2015  DDR S Bahn Berlin Ghost stations geister bahnhof bulgaar. Fahrt mit der SBahn durch das Berlin von 1947 Fotos: West Berlin SBahn train trip beside Berlin Wall, 1989 berlin wall ghost stations

The exhibition Border stations and ghost stations in divided Berlin, which was the first element of the Berlin Wall Memorials outdoor exhibition on Bernauer Strasse to be completed, includes photos and stories that were previously unknown and reminds its visitors of individual fates that had been forgotten.

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The station had exits on both East and West Berlin sides which made it attractive for planned escapes. Consequently, the entire grounds had to be hermetically sealed off. The underground SBahn station turned into a ghost station: the SBahn trains continued to travel to the West, but they no longer stopped at Nordbahnhof.

Inside the Forgotten Ghost Stations of a OnceDivided Berlin. by Emily Wasik. Having endured two World Wars, being divided by the Iron Curtain, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and rapid

Potsdamer Platz was the last of the ghost stations of Cold War Berlin to reopen in March 1992. There is an interesting exhibition about Berlins ghost stations at the SBahn station Nordbahnhof as part of the Berlin Wall Memorial (Gedenksttte Berliner Mauer). Ghost Station Potsdamer Platz in 1989

The Berlin Wall and ghost stations There are surviving sections of Berlin Wall scattered throughout the city, but I found the Berlin Wall Memorial to be the perfect starting point for my Wall 101.

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The Berlin Wall is the reason why Berlin had some ghost stations. Most of them were on the SBahn line S2, the UBahn line U6 and the U8. Those lines travelled through what was then East Berlin on their way back into West Berlin.

Marcel Krueger takes a ride on the U6 to explore Berlins GDRera ghost stations on Slow Travel Berlin. Berlins Ghost Stations. Fascinating stuff. I like to think of Friedrichstrasse as the horizontal Berlin Wall BVG trains rolled underneath for the whole length after all.

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To commemorate the era of the ghost stations, which as such had disappeared as completely as most of the Berlin Wall, a new exhibition about the topic was unveiled in the underground passageways of Nordbahnhof SBahn.

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