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Average Salary: 15k24kIf getting belittled by drunk high school studentsrobbed is your thing, you'll love being a gas station attendant, which provides all the fun of a retail job with the added perks of free lukewarm, dayold hot dogs whenever you want, plus the bonuses paid to you in however many M& Ms you can stuff into your pockets.One factor directly contributing to the shrinking of media outlets, reflected in the Jobs Rated reports worst jobs, is the decline of advertising revenue. And, a drop in advertising sales translates to a decline in positions for advertising sales people. crappiest jobs in america

In order to determine the happiest cities in America, WalletHub compared 182 of the largest cities including the 150 most populated U. S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state across three key dimensions: 1) Emotional& Physical WellBeing, 2) Income& Employment and 3) Community& Environment.

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May 16, 2017 THE Crappiest Job in America. The crappiest job in America is White House Press Secretary (in the present administration). Consider what poor Sean Spicer has to go through every day. As in many of the jobs listed above, he has to deal with a whole lot of crap. In his role as spokesperson for the executive branch,

The 10 Worst Jobs in America. Here's a list of the 10 worst jobs in the U. S. Amanda Schiavo. Sep 13, 2014 11: 10 AM EDT. NEW YORK It's rare to meet someone that doesn't complain about their job

Job Description: The Arming Squire was a knight s caddy, personal assistant, and bitch all rolled into one. They d haul his gear, clean his equipment, clap his coconut halves together, and jot down important dates like the next scheduled battle with the Saxon Hordes.

The Crappiest WalMart in America. Last evening it was dirty and illkept, the bathroom was about as clean as the men's bathroom in Penn Station was in 1974 (I remember that bathroom, that's how crappy it was), and the employees appeared just as downandout as the customers. In places like West Virginia it's hard to avoid WalMart,

How would you write that job down on a resume. . . . . Worked as a Animal Ejaculator for the Singapore Zoo. Reason for leaving, destroyed sex life, was sexually harassed by the primates and Zoo cut back on Psychological services. . . .

Active duty military made the top 10 wors jobs list, as did these others, based on environment, income, outlook, and stress. Top 10 Worst Jobs in 2016. Picture from https: www. flickr. com

Study: Immigrants Work the Crappiest Hours. Hamilton Nolan. 12: 18pm. Filed to: the quantifies the extent to which the jobs with the crappiest hoursovernight or on weekendsare foisted off we need to eject these hardworking people from America in order to give Americans these jobs that they dont want. [The full report

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Long hours, physical demands, high risk of injury and paltry job growth made lumberjack the No. 1 worst job in the country for 2014. Its ranking has only slightly improved for 2015.

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