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Jan 25, 2019 Published on Jan 25, 2019 Unfortunately, the room was half lit during this concert, making both the picture quality and recording a bit rough. I hope this is at least enjoyable, though!Background Concert date: February 910, 2019, Location: Sapporo, Japan Indonesia LA and NY The ARTPOP Ball 2015 SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2015 Shanghai 2016 Japan Tour North America Taiwan China Tour 2017 Hatsune Miku Kodo 2017 MIKU WITH YOU Malaysia 2018 SNOW MIKU LIVE Vocaloid Wiki is a vocaloid concert in america 2019

Feb 25, 2019  Published on Feb 25, 2019 This was my first convention and concert! ! ! This was recorded on I was having issues with my phone so I couldnt record everything.

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1. ) Toracon in Rochester, NY on March 2324th (no concert, giving lecturespanels and selling merchandise) 2. ) Castle Point Anime Convention in Hoboken, NJ on April 2728th (giving a concert and selling merchandise) 3. ) Anime Oasis in Boise, ID on May 2427th (giving a concert and selling merchandise) 4. ) Past Conventions for 2019: 1. )

HEB Center at Cedar Park Cedar Park. It was such and amazing experience! I've always wanted to go to a vocaloid concert and so when I heard they were going to have a Miku Expo in Austin I

It was more of an exploration of what Hatsune Miku and the vocaloid music is all about. My daughter and her friend were expecting to see Hatsune Miku perform for most of the show, but instead we had an introduction of loud music and extremely bright flashing images, which seemed to last forever.

This concert, another installment in the longrunning MikuExpo concert series, sees the Crypton Future Media VOCALOID lineup make its first appearance in Europe. This live 3D concert was held in France, Germany, and the UK, and represents VOCALOID's intercontinental reach.

Hatsune Miku Tour Dates 2018, 2019. She was the second Vocaloid sold using the Vocaloid 2 engine, and the first Japanese Vocaloid to use the Japanese version of the Vocaloid 2 engine. Her voice is sampled from Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita. Hatsune Miku has performed at her concerts onstage as an animated projection.

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Miku Expo 2019 in Hong Kong will take place at STAR HALL on July 27th, 2019, and will be the 2nd location of the 2019 tour. The first stop will be Taiwan on May 11th, 2019 at

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