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Tian Fu Special. Our signature dish, mild fish filet (Flounder or orange roughly) and Chinese vegetable poached in savory red pepper broth, garnished w. garlic and ginger the complex flavors against the backdrop of the fish bring out the best in all the ingredients.Chinese in Berlin: Tian Fu. Yet, the food is so worth it. We chose four starters and two mains, cucumbers, green beans, algae salad (3, 50 Euros each) and steamed buns were followed by fried eggplants Yxiang style (8, 90 Euros) and stirfried duck Sichuan style (10, 50 Euro). We did not order the fish pot although it bore a striking resemblance to tian fu food berlin

This restaurant is affiliated with the restaurant in our own neighborhood, Tian Fu, and since we knew that was a good choice, I had high hopes for this one. After all, this is quite adventurous: vegetarian and Szechuan. Given that there was a vegetarian constraint in this restaurant, I was impressed with the tasty selections they had.

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Consistently good Chinese food, Tian Fu has already opened two restaurants in Berlin. They are also located in the Chinatown portion of Berlin, similar to Good Friends and Aroma.

Tian Fu from Berlin, Berliner Strae 15, has a website that can be found here: website: . Tian Fu is ethnicgrocery restaurant but there is no full menu here yet.

Berlin's Asian Food Scene Is on the Rise. Berlin may not have been known for good Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food in the past, but today, young people from all over have converged on Berlin as the next great world city, and they're hungry for mapo tofu, for sour plumstuffed onigiri, for fiery papaya salad, and more.

Please look forward to all of our upcoming deals and promotions to ensure your dining experience with Tian Fu Asian Bistro will become even better than before. Online Ordering Tian Fu Asian Bistro currently offers: dinein, carry out, and delivery services.

Unfreundlicher, unpersnlicher Service . Obendrein mit Hotpot Magen verdorben. Nie wieder Tian Fu.

Tianfu Food. Cantonese Restaurant. Unofficial Page Located in Berlin, Germany. Photo contributed by Roy Chen.

Tian Fu, Szechuan Cuisine, Charlottenburg 27th March 2011 5 Comments In London, if I met someone I liked the look of, I would have to bump into them another 5 times before it was ok to suggest going out for a coffee together.

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Nice place, great location If you are strolling around berlin and looking for chinese restaurant, go to tian fu. . fried rice was great! ! This restaurant offers a variety of spicy Chinese food with very nice and authentic flavoring, so yay for the spicy food lovers.

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