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Berlin Oktoberfest. 21 September to 7 October 2018 (Alexander Platz) 14 September to 7 October 2018 (Zentralen Festplatz) Beer and Germany belong together, and Berlin has created a great Oktoberfest held annually at Zentral Festplatz am KurtSchumacherDamm near Tegel Airport. It can not be compared with the one in Munich,Berlin's largest Oktoberfest folk festival boasts a large Bavarianstyle party tent, original Oktoberfest beer and funfair rides. Berlin leuchtet. Berlin leuchtet, one of two illumination festivals in October, transforms many lesser known yet significant buildings all over the town with coloured light. beer fest berlin october

Oktoberfest comes from Munich, which is a city in Bavaria, which is a region of Germany. So its not so much a German thing as a Bavarian thing and like many other cities around the world, Oktoberfest in Berlin is celebrated in the Bavarian style of beer in giant glasses, busty women in blouses and deliciously salty pretzels.

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Plan your trip to Munich, Germany for the world's biggest beer festival with every important Oktoberfest date. Oktoberfest Dates for 2019& 2020. Plan your trip to Munich, Germany for the world's biggest beer festival.

International Berlin Beer Festival 2 4 August 2019. The ultimate German experience! For three days and nights, all types and brands of beer are served at a milelong festival in the Friedrichshain district.

Oktoberfest in Munich is the highlight of Germany's festival calendar. Every September and October, over 6. 4 million visitors from around the world mingle with locals to celebrate Bavarian culture, cuisine, and of course beer. . During Oktoberfest, everyone is a bit German.

The International Berlin Beer Festival 2018. TIBBF is entering in its 14th year and its avenue begins in Frankfurter Tor, continues in Strausberger Platz and reaches its climax along KarlMarxAllee and thus proves to be a huge continuity of beer and food event along 2. 2 km. The International Berlin Beer Festival is unquestionably impeccable

Of course, if you can add extra time to your Berlin festival weekend, why not enjoy a walking tour of the city, visit the Berlin Wall and check out some of the quirky cafes, bars and restaurants the city has to offer. Berlin Beer Festival 2019 Dates. Berlin Beer Festival will take place between August 2 4, 2019.

A World of Beer at Berlin beer festival. It is always held the first weekend in August. Approximately 320 brewers 86 countries is expected to present about 2. 000 beer varieties on the 2, 2 kilometer long street beer festival. Youll find 22 beer regions and 20 music scenes along Karl Marx Allee this weekend.

Finally, the beer must be brewed within the city limits of Munich. That means that here in Berlin many different beers will be served as we are not in Munich, but many places will have official October fest beer. Here is a list of Breweries that can brew such a beer! For our full Berlin Beer guide click here!

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Berlin Beer Festival 2019 Berlin August 2 4, 2019: In the first week of October you have the final days of Oktoberfest which ends on October 4th. The Stuttgart Beer Festival, second only to the Oktoberfest in Munich in terms of size, is on till October 11th. If you dont fancy driving to Munich or Stuttgart, you can always hop on

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